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"And that's a wrap (part 1)": Adult zebrafish brain with the mosaically labelled glia (green) wrapping around the blood vessels (magenta) in the brain! 

"And that's a wrap (part 2)": Zoom in of the glia (green) wrapping around the vessels (magenta) 

"The path you take makes you who you are": Adult zebrafish brain with fluorescently labelled pericytes depicting two separate lineages, neural crest (green) and mesoderm (magenta). 

"Networking is everything":  5 dpf zebrafish with the vasculature (green) and a subset of neurons labelled by a Spock1 knock-in (magenta) shows the critical interactions between these cell types. Both cells rely on each other to find their targets and maintain homeostasis. 

"The glue that holds us together":  3 dpf zebrafish with the vasculature (gold) and a smattering of glia (blue) shows many of the interactions in the brain and the retina. 

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