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Lindman M, Estevez I, Marmut E, DaPrano EM, Chou T-W, Newman K, Atkins C, O’Brown NM, Daniels BP (2024). Astrocytic RIPK3 exerts protective anti-inflammatory activity during viral encephalitis via induction of serpin protease inhibitors. bioRxiv Link

Katdare KA, Kjar A, O'Brown NM, Neal EH, Sorets AG, Shostak A, Milouk K, Kim H, Horner KB, Schrag MS, Megason SG, Lippmann ES (2023). IQGAP2 regulates blood-brain barrier immune dynamics. bioRxiv Link

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​* Denotes equal contributions


Feel free to skip to 32:25 for my talk or get comfy and listen to Michael's awesome talk as well 

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